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Performer|Songwriter|Teacher|Stage Manager

Corin Greene


Hi there, I'm Corin!

Born and raised on Long Island, I have been performing and writing music since I could walk and talk.

The arts are my therapy, my escape, and where I am truly happy and can be all of me.

With an additional passion for teaching and education, I received my B.A. in Music Education and taught music full time for 3 years before returning to school for my M.M. in Vocal Performance. After graduating, I stumbled into stage managing and have loved learning and working behind the scenes. Right now I am all about finding joy in the work I do and saying yes to new opportunities. I am so looking forward to what doors open next and all the people I have yet to meet!

When I am not in a theater or classroom, I long to travel more, love to explore new places and try new things, and will never say no to a good cannoli.

What I've worked on...

oneill 2.jpeg
2023-01-10 20-15.jpeg

What's next...

Having so much fun jamming with new friends in the New York & New Jersey area. Check out their website for more details and bookings! 


I'd love to hear from you!

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