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Over the years I have filled up so many notebooks and journals, and more loose scrap paper than I can count. I first wrote about raindrops and rainbows, and eventually crushes and boys and love, and then about the world. I would have recording sessions with my best friend and my Fostex machine before I was cool enough to get a fancy laptop with a DAW program or get into a studio to record.

In 2011 I won Long Island's Got Talent with my original songs and was accepted to Berklee College of Music for songwriting in 2012. I ended up choosing to study music education elsewhere, but I continued to write, and released my first EP - Sweeter Part of Me in 2014. I also attended the NYU summer song writing workshop in 2021 and have collaborated with multiple people over the years as a co-writer, top liner, or vocal arranger.


While I write both lyrics and music, I find that my strength lies in lyric writing. The process is never the same for each song, and I enjoy how unique it is depending on who I'm working with and the songs we are writing.



Bestest Friend for Life

Co-written with Shanti Wimmer and Ethan Schwartz during the 2021 NYU Summer Songwriting workshop

Butterflies in Lavender Fields - Live

Co-written with Matthew Dylan Rose for the NYU Songwriting/Vocal Performance Collaborative Project

F*cked Up - Demo
Conversations in Cars - Demo
Run Like A Bullet - Demo

Co-written with my writing partner KELLIE.

Shade from the Rain

Collaboration with my brother. He wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics and melody.

Interested in collaborating? Get in touch!

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