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Stage Manager

After graduating with my Master's in the spring of 2022, I stumbled into an amazing opportunity spending the summer at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center on the stage management teams for the National Playwrights Conference (NPC) and the National Music Theatre Conference (NMTC). There, I PSM'd my first show - The Jordan and Avery Show - during NMTC! When I returned home, I jumped into another amazing opportunity working as the ASM and then replacement PSM for Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski at Theatre for a New Audience. My first off-Broadway show and Playbill debut! 


I am so lucky and grateful for the crash course in stage management I received last year, and to have worked with amazing people who took the time to guide and teach me.  As a performer, I now have a deeper respect for all of the people behind the scenes that make a show happen. I am so looking forward to whatever project comes my way next and to continue to learn the ins and outs of stage managing!


Looking for a stage manager? Get in touch!

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